* Asterisks indicate committees with more information in The Governance (pdf, 1 Mb). Click the asterisk to download the document. The dates in parentheses indicate the expiration of terms of office.

A — F:

Committee on Academic Technologies *

The committee on academic technologies consists of four elected members of the faculty, one from each division including the multi-disciplinary programs; a member of academic computing services; a professional librarian appointed by the director of the libraries; and a member of the student body. Faculty members serve three-year terms and may not be elected to more than 2 consecutive terms. The committee selects a chair annually from the faculty members on the committee.

Division 1Kathleen Hart (2017)
Division 2Benjamin Ho (2017)
Division 3Jenny Magnes (2017)
MultidisciplinaryVinay Swamy (2019)

Academic Panel *

The academic panel consists of the dean of studies (chair); three faculty members elected for two years, one and two retiring in alternate years; and three students.

ChairBenjamin Lotto
At LargeSophia Harvey (2017)
At LargeJames Merrell (2017)
At LargeShona Tucker (2017)

Appeal Committee *

The appeal committee consists of three tenured members of the faculty and two assistant professors. The term of service is two years. Two tenured members and one assistant professor retire in one year; one of each category of members retires in alternate years. No department chair or program director serves on the committee and no department is represented by more than one member. No member of FASC may be elected to serve on the appeal committee in the year immediately following his or her retirement from FASC. Each year the committee elects one of its tenured members as chair. If a member faces a conflict of interest in a particular issue before the appeal committee, the chair requests the committee on committees to appoint a temporary substitute.

Assistant ProfessorColette Salyk (2017)
Assistant ProfessorJason Waterman (2017)
TenuredPeter Antelyes (2019)
TenuredKariane Calta (2017)
TenuredEve D'Ambra (2018)
TenuredMichaela Pohl (2017)

Arlington Special Events Committee

Arlington Special Events Committee comprises representatives from the Arlington BID, from the Town of Poughkeepsie, from Vassar, and from the VSA. The group has several purposes: to plan joint Vassar-community activities such as the Arlington Street Fair and the Farmer's Market, to continue to create energy towar the revitalization of Arlington, and to foster open and honest dialogue among members and constitutents.

ChairAndrew Meade
AdministratorJeffrey Horst
AdministratorRenee Pabst

Committee on Assessment *

The committee on assessment consists of three elected members of the faculty: a chair, who is tenured, and two members elected at-large. The term of service of the chair is three years; the term of service of the two at-large members is two years. The dean or associate dean of the faculty and the director of institutional research serve on the committee, ex officio.

ChairTeresa Garrett (2017)
At LargeMary Czesak (2018)
At LargeThomas Parker (2017)

Banner Info Steering Committee

The committee was created to coordinate the implementation of the Banner system and now is a body that monitors Banner, plans for upgrades, and tries to help set priorities for modifications to Banner and its related systems. The committee consists of the chairs of the Banner module user committees (Student, Financial Aid, Finance, Alumni/Development, Human Resources and CIS).

AdministratorJessica Bernier
AdministratorKimberly Collier
AdministratorDavid Davis-Van Atta
AdministratorElizabeth Hayes
AdministratorColleen Mallet
AdministratorGary Manning
AdministratorKara Montgomery
AdministratorMelissa Naitza
AdministratorMary Starke
AdministratorBryan Swarthout
AdministratorNancy Wanzer
AdministratorAngelique Zalaznick

Committee on Benefits *

The committee on benefits consists of the vice president for finance and administration (chair), three members of the administration appointed by the president, the budget member of FPCC, an assistant professor elected for a two year term, a senior member of the faculty who has served on the committee on planning and priorities within the past five years who is chosen by the committee on committees for a three year term, an emeritus member of the faculty chosen by the chair, and a member of the human resources staff (ex officio).

AdministratorCarlos Alamo-Pastrana
AdministratorMarianne Begemann
AdministratorStephen Dahnert
AdministratorGary Hohenberger
AdministratorLeslie Power
AdministratorRuth Spencer
At LargeSukanya Basu (2017)
Budget MemberZachary Donhauser (2019)
Full ProfessorPaul Ruud (2019)

Campus Investor Responsibility *

The campus investor responsibility committee consists of the dean of strategic planning and academic resources, two alumnae/i, two students, two members elected from the faculty for two year terms, and two administrators. As one of its nine members, the dean of strategic planning and academic resources chairs the committee, coordinates the selection of committee members who are chosen or appointed by the relevant constituency, and serves as a non-voting member except in the case of a tie. Each constituency may also be represented by an alternate.

AdministratorStephen Dahnert
AdministratorGary Hohenberger
At LargeMary Ann Cunningham (2018)
At LargePaul Ruud (2018)
Senior OfficerMarianne Begemann

Campus Life Resource Group

The Campus Life Resource Group (CLRG) is a committee consisting of members from all parts of the college. Participation in the group is open to students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Its mission is to create opportunities for dialogue and discourse within the campus community through forums, networking, and dialogue. By bringing together students, faculty, staff, and administrators, CLRG facilitates cross-campus interactions that encourage personal reflection, a sense of belonging, and campus community. CLRG also organizes the annual All College Day as well as several Conversation Dinners throughout the year. All of these events are designed to bring together members of the campus community who might not have otherwise met and engage them in conversation.

Campus Master Planning Committee *

The committee on campus master planning shall consist of the vice president for finance and administration (chair), the dean of strategic planning and academic resources, three faculty members elected to three year terms one representative from each of the three divisions (with one retiring each year), and three students (elected or appointed as determined by the VSA). In addition the committee shall include, ex officio, the director of buildings and grounds, the director of capital projects and facilities planning, the director for accessibility and educational opportunity, an associate dean of the faculty, the director of academic facilities planning, the vice president for computing and information services, the director of residential life and the sustainability coordinator.

ChairMarianne Begemann
AdministratorCarlos Alamo-Pastrana
AdministratorLuis Inoa
AdministratorWilliam Peabody
Division 1Tobias Armborst (2017)
Division 2James Merrell (2018)
Division 3Kirsten Menking (2019)
Senior OfficerStephen Dahnert

Classroom Committee

The Classroom Committee plans for renovations and improvement of teaching spaces and offices on campus. It is a working group chaired by the director of academic facilities development with representatives from Buildings and Grounds Services, the Registrar’s Office, Computing and Information Services, the Dean of the Faculty office, and Purchasing.

AdministratorCarlos Alamo-Pastrana
AdministratorRosaleen Cardillo
AdministratorJohn Collier
AdministratorBryan Corrigan
AdministratorColleen Mallet
AdministratorNancy Myers
AdministratorKim Squillace
AdministratorSteven Taylor

College Committee on Admissions & Financial Aid *

The committee on admissions and financial aid consists of five members of the faculty, four members of the administration, and five students. Faculty members include the faculty co-chair, a tenured member of the faculty elected at large for a three-year term; three divisional representatives, one from each division, elected for two-year terms, one or two retiring each year; and the faculty athletics representative. In conformity with the rules of the National Collegiate Athletics Association, members of the department of athletics and physical education may not serve on this committee. Administrators on the committee include the dean of admission and financial aid (co-chair), director of financial aid, associate dean of the college for campus life and diversity, and dean of freshmen. The five students include at least one freshman. The vice president for communications serves ex officio.

AdministratorJessica Bernier
AdministratorBenjamin Lotto
AdministratorEdward Pittman
AdministratorArt Rodriguez
At LargeRobert Brigham (2017)
Co-Chair of CAFAJannay Morrow (2017)
Division 1Silke von der Emde (2017)
Division 2Candice Lowe Swift (2017)
Division 3Jodi Schwarz (2018)
Faculty Athletics RepMark Amodio (2019)
Senior OfficerSusan DeKrey

Committee on College Life *

The committee consists of the dean of the college (chair), three administrators chosen by the dean of the college, two members of the faculty elected for staggered two year terms, one house fellow, four students elected to represent each of the four classes, a member of the executive board of the VSA, and a student member chosen at large.

ChairChristopher Roellke
AdministratorAdriana di Bartolo
AdministratorEdward Pittman
AdministratorTeresa Quinn
At LargeMario Cesareo (2018)
At LargeBenjamin Morin (2017)

College Regulations Panel

The college regulations panel shall consist of one administrator appointed by the president, two faculty members, and four students. The faculty shall be chosen from current faculty house fellows as well as any other faculty members who volunteer for College Regulations panel service during the previous spring elections.

Committee on Committees *

The committee on committees consists of four members of the faculty, two of them tenured, elected for two years with two retiring each year. The committee elects a tenured member to be chair and a second member to be the elections officer who conducts the balloting for standing elective committees

Non-TenuredJingchen Hu (2018)
Non-TenuredBojana Zupan (2017)
TenuredWenwei Du (2017)
TenuredMing-Wen Wissmann (2018)

Community Works Committee

Council on Alum Stud Advanc

The Council for Alumnae/i and Student Advancement (CASA) is a collaboration designed to increase communication and transparency between the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs & Development, Career Development and the student body. CASA seeks to raise awareness of the short- and long-term goals of the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs & Development and the College through programming initiatives geared toward the student body. These initiatives work to promote a culture of philanthropy and alumnae/i appreciation on campus.

AdministratorStacy Bingham
AdministratorCatherine Lunn

Committee on Curricular Policies *

CCP consists of: the dean of the faculty (chair); four members of the faculty, one from and representing each division and one multidisciplinary program director (currently serving, or having served within the past six years), elected for two years with staggered terms so that two retire each year; two students from the student curriculum committee with majors in a department and a multidisciplinary program, one of whom, shall ordinarily be the Academic Executive of the VSA; and, as non-voting members, the dean of studies and the registrar. No two divisional or multidisciplinary elected faculty members shall come from the same department or program.

AdministratorBenjamin Lotto
AdministratorColleen Mallet
Division 1Sophia Harvey (2018)
Division 2Erin McCloskey (2018)
Division 3Susan Trumbetta (2017)
MultidisciplinaryLisa Brawley (2017)

Committee on Disability Issues

The Committee on Disability Issues (CODI) functions as an advisory committee, and is chaired by the director of the Office for Accessibility and Educational Opportunity (AEO). Membership is open to all members of the Vassar community who have an interest in disability issues on campus. The purpose of the committee is to promote awareness of disability issues through education, to identify areas of concern within the Vassar community, and to serve in an advisory capacity to the Office for Accessibility. The committee seeks to provide information to aid in understanding the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, their purpose, and the benefits of adhering to those standards. Faculty, administration, and staff serve on the Committee on Disability Issues in addition to the Director of Affirmative Action, who shall serve as Chair, an appointed member of the faculty also have the responsibility to serve on the ADA/Section 504 Appeals Panel.

Drug & Alcohol Education Committee

The Vassar College Drug and Alcohol Education Committee (DEC) is a concerned group of students, faculty, administrators, and staff members. The primary mission of the DEC is to promote the health and safety of Vassar students with regard to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Specifically, this committee will focus on health education in regard to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, education regarding the law and College policy, the acknowledgment of temptation and the encouragement of prevention, the acknowledgment of use and the encouragement of non-use and safety, the regular evaluation of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use on campuse, the recommendation of policy and sanctions related to alcohol/drug abuse, and working with student organizations on programs that fit the mission of both groups.

Enrollment Management Committee

The Enrollment Management Committee brings together administrators from various offices, as well as the faculty Co-Chair of the Committee on Admission and Financial Aid, for the purpose of monitoring the college's enrollment and the various factors which impact it. When necessary, the Committee will bring forward to the Senior Officers any concerns which seem to merit further discussion. The Committee focuses on enrollment projections, admission results, financial aid spending, housing capacity, course availability, and the budgetary effects of these and similar factors. Included in the membership of the Enrollment Management Committee are the Dean of Admission and Financial Aid (Chair), the Registrar, the Director of Residential Life, the Dean of Students, the Dean of Freshmen, the Dean of Studies, the Budget Director, the Director of Financial Aid, the Director of Institutional Research, the Associate Dean of the Faculty, and the faculty Co-Chair of the Committee on Admission and Financial Aid. Typically, the group meets twice per term unless circumstances call for additional sessions.

ChairArt Rodriguez
AdministratorDavid Davis-Van Atta
AdministratorAdriana di Bartolo
AdministratorLuis Inoa
AdministratorBenjamin Lotto
Co-Chair of CAFAJannay Morrow (2017)

Faculty Appointment & Salary Committee *

The faculty appointment and salary committee consists of three tenured professors, elected for three years, and two tenured associate professors elected for two years, one member at each rank retiring each year. The chair is the professor with the longest service on the committee. No department may be represented by more than one committee member. Continuity of service on this committee is essential, so individuals accepting nomination to the committee should plan to serve a full term.

Associate ProfessorMaria Hantzopoulos (2017)
Associate ProfessorKathryn Libin (2018)
Full ProfessorNatalie Frank (2019)
Full ProfessorWilliam Hoynes (2018)
Full ProfessorYu Zhou (2017)

Faculty Athletics Representative

"The Faculty Athletic Representative, currently a member of the faculty appointed by the Dean of the Faculty, is now an elected faculty position due to recently passed faculty legislation. The term of office is 3 years. The Representative must hold the rank of Professor and cannot be a member of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education. The NCAA handbook states that the ""local duties of faculty athletics representatives vary from institution, but in every case the faculty athletics representative is or should be involved in the assurance of the academic integrity of the athletics program and in the maintenance of the welfare of the student-athlete."" The Representative is a member of the newly created Faculty Athletic Advisory Committee, which also includes a member of FASC and a member of FPCC."

Full ProfessorMark Amodio (2019)

Faculty Compensation Committee *

The faculty compensation committee consists of the three professors of the faculty appointment and salary committee and the chair and budget member of the faculty policy and conference committee. The chair of FASC serves as the chair of the faculty compensation committee.

Budget MemberZachary Donhauser (2019)
FASC MemberNatalie Frank (2019)
FASC MemberWilliam Hoynes (2018)
FASC MemberYu Zhou (2017)
FPCC ChairMita Choudhury (2019)

Committee on Faculty Housing *

The committee on housing consists of three members of the faculty, elected by the faculty for a term of three years, one member rotating off each year, two of whom are tenured and one untenured.

Non-TenuredHeidy Berthoud (2017)
TenuredStuart Belli (2019)
TenuredJennifer Walter (2017)

Faculty Policy & Conference Cm *

FPCC consists of three elected faculty members, one from each professorial rank (the professor is the chair); one elected budget member from the tenured ranks; the second-year full professor on the faculty appointment and salary committee; and a member from the committee on curricular policies, selected annually by the faculty members of that committee. The full and associate professors as well as the budget member serve 3-year terms and the assistant professor serves a two-year term. Upon promotion of an assistant or associate professor member, the promoted member serves on the committee until his or her replacement is elected.

ChairMita Choudhury (2019)
Assistant Professor on FPCCMegan Gall (2017)
Associate ProfessorJohn Cleaveland (2018)
Budget MemberZachary Donhauser (2019)
CCP DelegateSophia Harvey (2017)
FASC MemberWilliam Hoynes (2017)

Committee on Fellowships *

The committee on fellowships shall consist of the dean of studies (chair) and seven members of the faculty elected for two years, at least two from each division, three members retiring each year. No department may be represented by more than one elected member.

ChairBenjamin Lotto
At LargeMiriam Mahdaviani-Goldstone (2018)
Division 1Mootacem Mhiri (2018)
Division 1Shane Slattery-Quintanilla (2018)
Division 2Geoffrey A. Jehle (2018)
Division 2Martha Kaplan (2017)
Division 3Kariane Calta (2018)
Division 3Megan Gall (2017)

Food Committee

The Food Committee is a student-run committee organized by the VSA that is composed of members of the food management services, faculty and students. It is the intention of the committee to examine the food services on campus and address issues and concerns from the college community regarding the food service. The Food Committee also discusses pricing, food selection, and meal plans.

G — Z:

Good Neighbors Partnerships

Good Neighbors Partnerships is a project founded and sponsored by President emeritus Frances D. Fergusson for developing partnerships between Vassar College and leading community organizations near campus. With an endowment from an anonymous donor, we provide modest grants to selected institutions and initiatives in Poughkeepsie, providing up to $20,000 annually to partner projects. While enhancing the efforts of these vital organizations, Good Neighbors provides students at the College with unusual opportunities to learn about community organizing and the capabilities and limits of local philanthropy. Our work is guided by an assets-based approach to identifying issues in our local community. Good Neighbors is a working committee, whose members bring interest and experience that help establish and sustain ongoing community partnerships; members are drawn from faculty, administration, staff, and students. The committee meets monthly, and more frequently as needed for particular projects.

Committee on House Fellows

The committee of house fellows shall consist of all the house fellows, one of whom it shall elect as chair. The committee shall serve as the faculty's consultant to the board of house presidents of the VSA.

Committee on Inclusion & Equity

Membership of the committee will include two elected members of the faculty, elected for two years, one tenured and one non-tenured. One member will retire each year. In addition, a faculty chair is appointed by the President in consultation with the outgoing chair with preference given to faculty who have previously served on the committee. Two student members will be appointed in accordance with the internal procedures of the Vassar Student Association. The remaining committee members will be appointed by the President, in consultation with the chair, from the various campus offices related to diversity work. Additional ad-hoc members may be appointed for specific terms at the discretion of the chair.

Co-ChairDavid Bradley (2017)
Co-ChairEréndira Rueda (2017)
At LargeColette Cann (2018)
At LargeHeesok Chang (2018)
At LargeJose Perillan (2018)

Inst. Animal Care & Use Committee

The goal of each IACUC is to ensure the humane care and use of animals used in research, and compliance with guidelines and regulations, while maintaining flexibility to best meet the unique needs of the institution. Active participation by research scientists allows for the scientific needs of research investigators to be considered; participation by nonaffiliated members incorporates a public conscience; and the involvement of veterinarians ensures appropriate medical care and animal well-being. A program of continuing education is essential to ensure that animal care and use standards and ethical principles continue to be applied at the highest possible level.

ChairKelli Duncan (2017)

Committee on Leaves & Privileges

The committee on leaves and privileges shall consist of: the dean of studies (chair), four members of the faculty, one from each curricular division, appointed by the chair for two years, two retiring each year, and as a nonvoting member, the Assistant to the Dean of Studies.

ChairBenjamin Lotto

Library Committee *

The library committee consists of the Director of the Library (co-chair); a faculty co-chair, who is tenured and elected at large for a three-year term; the dean or associate dean of the faculty; the dean or associate dean of strategic planning and academic resources; one librarian; four faculty members, no more than two from any division, elected for two years, two retiring each year, and two students. No department is represented by more than one faculty member.

Co-ChairBarbara Olsen (2017)
AdministratorCarlos Alamo-Pastrana
AdministratorAndrew Ashton
Division 1Mark Andrews (2017)
Division 2Mita Choudhury (2017)
Division 2Christopher Raymond (2018)
Division 3John H. Long, Jr. (2018)

New Student Orientation Committee

Pension Review Committee

The Pension Review Committee oversees plan administration for Vassar's defined contribution and defined benefit pension plans.

AdministratorStephen Dahnert
AdministratorLeslie Power
AdministratorRuth Spencer
AdministratorBryan Swarthout
AdministratorAngelique Zalaznick

Pre-Med Advisory Committee

The Pre-Medical Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty members from the sciences. Additionally we have a Public Health liaison. Members of the committee work with students exploring health professions. Support is available to all Vassar students and graduates. The committee works together to draft, review and finalize all composite letters of recommendation.

Priorities and Planning *

The committee consists of the president, the other senior officers of the college; the three professors of the faculty appointment and salary committee and the chair; the budget member and assistant professor member of the faculty policy and conference committee; the dean of admission and financial aid; the budget director; the assistant to the president; the director of institutional research; the associate dean of the faculty; and two students appointed by the VSA.

ChairJonathan Chenette (2017)
AdministratorArt Rodriguez
Assessment Committee ChairTeresa Garrett (2017)
Co-Chair of CAFAJannay Morrow (2017)
FASC MemberWilliam Hoynes (2018)
FASC MemberYu Zhou (2017)
Senior OfficerMarianne Begemann
Senior OfficerStephen Dahnert
Senior OfficerChristopher Roellke

Committee on Research *

The committee on research consists of five faculty members. The chair is a tenured member of the faculty elected for three years. Three other tenured members of the faculty are elected for two years, one from each of the divisions. The fifth member of the committee is elected at large for two years from the non-tenured (tenure-track, lecturers, or visiting) teaching faculty with academic suffrage. Two of the four members on twoyear terms retire each year.

ChairKathleen Susman (2019)
Division 1Zoltán Márkus (2017)
Division 2Brian Godfrey (2017)
Division 3Brian Daly (2017)
Non-TenuredLynn Christenson (2018)

Review Committee *

A separate review committee is constituted for each case. The committee on committees appoints the membership of the review committee, which consists of three tenured professors. The committee elects a chair from its membership.

Committee on Student Records

The committee on student records considers student academic records and makes final decisions on awarding of degrees with departmental honors. It recommends to the faculty the standards for continuance in the college and considers and acts upon the academic records of students whose standing is less than satisfactory. The committee on student records shall consist of: the dean of studies (chair), the dean of freshman (a voting member only when freshman are under consideration), four members of the faculty appointed by the chair for two years, two retiring each year, and as non-voting member, the registrar. No department may be represented by more than one member.

ChairBenjamin Lotto

Student Tech Advisory Committee

The Student Technology Advisory Council is a joint committee created by Computing and Information Services and the Vassar Student Association. The group serves as a sounding board for CIS and VSA leadership on technology matters that involve students and provides a forum where students can discuss their technology needs and concerns.

Student Wellness Advisory Committee

Committee on Sustainability *

The college committee on sustainability shall consist of the college sustainability coordinator (chair); two members elected from the faculty; one student elected by the VSA: one representative from the alumnae/i; and one representative from each of the following offices: buildings and grounds, computing and information services, purchasing, development and dining services.

AdministratorAlistair Hall
At LargeMiriam Rossi (2018)
At LargeJeffrey Seidman (2018)

Vassar First Year Committee

The Vassar First Year Program (VFYP) seeks to ensure that each new student will feel welcomed into the Vassar community and encouraged to explore opportunities that will fulfill Vassar's ideal of a richly satisfying personal and intellectual engagement. The Vassar First Year is a series of events, including New Student Orientation, meant to introduce new students to Vassar College. A mix of academis events, cultural happenings and discussions about about campus issues, the programs are designed to get students talking about the big ideas they face in their scholarship and their social life on campus. The committee, consisting of administrators from Campus Life, Dean of Students Office, Dean of Freshmen, Campus Activities, International Services and student representatives, is coordinated by the Campus Life and Diversity Office.

VSA Fall Leadership Conf Committee

The VSA Fall Leadership Conference Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating and facilitating the annual fall student leadership conference. The conference is designed to provide students in leadership positions an opportunity to bond and network with colleagues and fully comprehend the expectations and responsibilities of being a student leader. An important goal of the conference is to ensure students have an opportunity to participate in workshops to develop skills and understand college procedures and policies related to program planning. We also bring all student leaders up-to-date with any campus issues, concerns or changes that impact the life of the Vassar student.