Application Checklist

  1. ____ Did you complete the Cover Sheet?

  2. ____ Did you complete all 12 sections of the proposal, including subsections A-H of section 8?

  3. ____ Did you explain and justify the level of risk? All projects carry some level of risk, even if the risk is minimal.

  4. ____ Informed Consent. In your consent procedures did you:

    • _____ use language understandable to the subject or his or her legal representative?

    • _____ state that the project involved research?

    • _____ explain the purpose of the project and procedures involved?

    • _____ describe the foreseeable harm, discomfort, and risk?

    • _____ describe the benefits to the subject?

    • _____ describe the extent to which confidentiality of records are to be maintained?

    • _____ state how to contact the PI about questions?

    • _____ offer to answer any queries concerning the procedures?

    • _____ state that the person is free to discontinue participation at any time without penalty or prejudice?

    • _____ include a written consent form?

  5. _____ Did you discuss whether deception is involved? If so, did you explain and justify it?

  6. _____ Did you include copies of all relevant instructions and questions?

  7. _____ Did you include a written statement of what the investigator will say to the participant regarding the research?

  8. _____ Did you include the section on debriefing?

  9. _____ Did you e-mail your properly named IRB Proposal and Cover Sheet to Ms. Gail Garrison at Please do NOT submit IRB applications directly to members of the IRB; doing so will result in lengthy processing delays.